A Pixie’s Tale

pixiestaleA PIXIE’S TALE
by Hera B. Magic
Release: June 2013
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Length: Long Novella (40,000 words)
Rating: PG-13
From: Meankitty Publishing
Cover: Angela Campbell
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Originally a wacked out round robin from the Here Be Magic blog!

In an attempt to sway human voters—for a totally legitimate cause—Delphie the pixie targets a college neighborhood on Halloween. College students are notoriously liberal anyway, and the neighborhood is a human-only zone. She shouldn’t run into any other supernaturals to interfere with her important mission.

But instead of drunken students, she mistakenly bespells a mysterious, sexy fellow supernatural who doesn’t appreciate the fact her defective fairy dust causes him to be invisible. In retaliation, he curses her, too. She almost escapes, but he’s determined to enact the cure—a taste of her delicious blood, blood that may also give him a yen for her dainty body.

If only Delphie can resist her yen for his body, too, she might just survive the craziest night of her life.

Tropes: This goofy portal worlds romance features a fish out of water, opposites attract, some kidnapping, and our protagonists getting stranded together.