cover of catapult by jody wallace has a black man standing against an orange mountain background and a black cat on shoulder

CATAPULT (Book 2 of the Cat Ship Series)
Part of the Obsidian Rim Continuity Universe
by Jody Wallace
Release Date: November 2019
Genre: Science Fiction Romance
Length: Novel
Rating: PG-13
Cover: Victoria Cooper

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About the Book:

Lincoln doesn’t want trouble. Briar is trouble personified.

Lincoln Caster owes everything he has to the Trash Planet recycling plant that hired him, allowing him to lead an uneventful life for a change. When he’s asked to plan a heist from a less than savory rival factory, he wonders if his checkered past is the only reason he got the job. That is, until he realizes the priceless item he’s been asked to steal will save a top-secret generation ship full of cryopreserved humans…and freakishly intelligent cats.

But first Lincoln has to seduce—or at least fool—the rival factory’s sales agent, cool, competent Briar Pandora, who may or may not be leading a double life as a corporate mole. He’ll have to trust her with the truth…unless her own agenda results in them becoming targets of a vicious intergalactic corporation that will stop at nothing in its quest to hijack generation ships and sell off their parts—and their passengers, be they human or feline.

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