Date at McCabe’s

tinytreats2“Date at McCabe’s”
by Jody Wallace
in TINY TREATS 2 (A St. Patrick’s Day Collection)
Ebook release: March 2015
Genre: Contemporary Romance (my story)
Length: Flash fiction (1200 words)
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A free anthology from author and editor Trish Milburn and friends

Tiny Treats 2 is a multi-author collection of micro stories, tales that can be read in their entirety in only a handful of minutes. The stories in this anthology are set during St. Patrick’s Day in the world of each author’s respective books or in entirely new worlds envisioned by the authors.

“Dinner at McCabe’s”: Mai isn’t too sure she’s enjoying the Italian American Parade in New Orleans, despite all the guys who keep kissing her as part of the festivities. They’re all pretty cute…but they’re all about 80 years old. Perhaps, within the 1200 allotted words, someone will come along and kiss a smile back onto her face.

Tropes: 1200 word short stories don’t get tropes

The collection includes:

Love and Corned Beef by Heather McGovern
Haint and Begorrah by Maureen Hardegree
The High King’s Cauldron by Joan Kayse
Probability of Love by D.B. Sieders
Getting Lucky by Jenna Bennett
Her Pot of Gold by Lindsey Brookes
To Love a Leprechaun by Sophia Henry
Springs Love by Sydney Carroll
Pinch for Good Luck by Lori Waters
Lucky Enough by Natalie J. Damschroder
A Perfect Lucky Charm by Anna Sugden
His Good Luck Charm by Janice Lynn
Green Beer by Nancy Northcott
Blueberry Delight by Monica McCabe
Date at McCabe’s by Jody Wallace
Lucky in Love by Tanya Michaels
One Magic Kiss by Jeanne Adams
Green Beer and Shenanigans by Sally Kilpatrick
The Ides by Nicki Salcedo
A Gift from County Cork by Michelle Monkou
Lucky Day by Trish Milburn

Trish made a website for this anthology and hopefully others to follow, if you want to check out all the authors and their offerings:


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