Heart-Shaped Box: Box Full of Faerie

HeartShapedBox_FinalCover“A Box Full of Faerie”
By Jody Wallace
By “Hera B. Magic” – the Authors of Here Be Magic
Release Date: August 2014 (Free)
Genre: Paranormal Fiction/Short Stories
Length: Short Story
Buy Links (Free!): Smashwords

Originally a flash fiction story seed from the authors of Here Be Magic!

Take one metaphorical heart-shaped box. Hand it to eleven authors as a story seed. What do you get?

A porcelain music box. Candy. Magical stones. Love. Fairies. Demons. Brushes with horror. And cats. Of course, there are cats.

The Heart-Shaped Box is an 18,000 word paranormal anthology with stories Danube Adele, Angela Campbell, Shona Husk, Jane Kindred, Nicole Luiken, RL Naquin, Shawna Reppert, Veronica Scott, Regan Summers, Shawna Thomas, and Jody Wallace.

Rated PG-13. Contains mild profanity, sexual references, and minor violence.

Tropes: I don’t know. Disguise, maybe?

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